The school of engraving represents themselves

Since the 19th century, the foundation of an engraving school realises the transfer of technical knowledge between the elder to the young generation.

- 1840 foundation school of military gunsmiths
- 1910 German technical school of arm industry established
- 1992 Opening of technical state school of gunsmiths
- 1998 Training of engravers in technical state school (the only fulltime school in Germany)

Teachers at this particular school are Mr. Werner Wahl from Zella-Mehlis and Andreas Amthor from Untermaßfeld. They are both self-employed engravers. The training takes 3 years and there are only 5 trainees. The places are rare and there are many applicants so there are strict measures to choose the trainees. The applicant has to hand in his qualification and additionally to that he has a certain test to do. The test is split in two parts a theoretical and a practical part. (The trainees with the most artist skills are young women)

Usually the trainees have to do a dual training where they work in a company and go to school to do the theoretical part, the technical school in Suhl does both. The trainees spend all the 3 years at school to do the practical and theoretical training. The mayor techniques in engraving which has been taught at this school are the flat and relief engraving.

The used tools are actually self-made especially the graver a tool which is very often used in Suhl and environment. The trainees have to learn as well the mechanical CNC work with a modern Kuhlmann milling machine. The examination is done by the school and the IHK South Thuringa and the trainee have to work on a certain piece to process it exactly. He can keep the piece after the exam. The trainees even get offers from the USA and Canada to do placements or work there. But most of them stay here in their region to get a job or to start their own business.

Here you can see the exact timetable of the third year training: